Visit Safari Parks Whilst in South Africa

One of the best ways to enjoy the vast wildlife and natural wonders of South Africa during your holiday is by visiting a South African safari park. It’s a rare once in a lifetime treat for many people to spend a few hours or even a few days in one of South Africa’s protected reserves. South Africa is home to over twenty safari parks scattered about the nation; no matter where you may live or travel to within South Africa there is bound to be a safari park awaiting you. Domestic flights are available to regional airports near most game reserves.

Kruger National Park in the province of Limpopo is actually the most famous safari park in all of South Africa, with a wildlife diversity unmatched by any other park. Kruger is home to 336 types of trees, 34 types of amphibians, 114 species of reptiles, 49 species fish, 147 species of mammals and 507 species of birds. (Yes, there are that many species of exotic birds!)

If you’ve never been on any type of safari trek before, you’ll find that the experience of each safari park will differ depending on the time of year you choose to visit. Say for instance that you’d like to go and visit Kruger National Park. Should you do so during the months of June through September, the large game animals are typically out and about due to the weather being much dryer. Alternatively, you can still have an amazing time visiting the park during the wetter summer months, as the waterholes will be full and surrounded by smaller species, such as migrating birds.

Other popular safari parks in South Africa include: Amakhala Game Reserve on the eastern board of Cape Town, Pilanesberg Safari Park near Sun City, Tsitsikamma National Park toward the South and Shamwari Game Reserve also in Cape Town.

If you like the idea of enjoying a little luxury during your safari holiday, most South African safari parks have suitable accommodation. Amakhala Game Reserve in particular features five types of lodges, one in particular overlooking gorgeous water views.

South Africa’s safari parks have a reputation for being some of the best maintained in all of Africa. Whether you’d like to drive around for a few hours, go camping with your family, or even take a romantic safari honeymoon, there is a South African safari park destination waiting for you. Don't forget to check and book your flight's at